Xbox Live has always had a small fee to play online, some people don’t mind as they say their graphics and other stuff is a lot better and worth paying for. A lot of people disagree and still don’t like the fact of paying more and more for this and that which is true. Paying to play online might be worth it to some people but not to the majority of Xbox fans. Some people just can’t afford that extra bill monthly just for the fact of gaming, which means a lot to the player. Playing on Xbox Live is a lot more fun than just playing on your own in boring games which need friends or other players to make it better. Xbox Live Codes can be redeemed to give you the opportunity the play online, Xbox Live Gold is an even better type of code as you reap more benefits from having it.

Xbox Live

Free Xbox Live Codes can give you an amazing opportunity to play online totally free. Stop playing on your own and start playing with people around the world and competing with friends and get that smile on your face. Playing alone is far from fun. Using the Xbox Live Code Generator you can get gold codes to redeem and have access to free games as well as to join in with friends. Xbox Live has it’s pro’s and con’s but overall is awesome to have. Especially if you are bored and fancy playing games, playing alone would be even more boring. Check out the features below of having Free Xbox Live Codes.

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Free Xbox Live Codes Instructions

1. Open the generator below.
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